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  • Masterclass American Theatre Abroad

    Im Sommer 2018 bieten wir die Gelegenheit mit 2 Fantastischen Regisseuren, Nyalls Hartmann und Harry Waters jr., aus den USA zu arbeiten.

    Da der Kurs auf englissh stattfindet, die Kursbeschreibung auf englisch:


    Masterclass American Theatre Abroad


    American Scene Work, Acting, Analysis, and Approach

    (Workshop for Teachers & Students.)

    MFA is excited to offer a 4-week Summer Intensive Program focusing on American Stage Acting.  The program will explore the techniques behind the power of American Method Acting.  Through hands-on scene work students will become familiar with methods and techniques currently practiced in American acting and actor training.  The work will draw from plays of the contemporary American cannon and students will explore the dynamic of the actor’s work in preparing and rehearsing a role.

    The workshop will focus on aspects of the most highly-regarded approaches to American Method Acting developed by Robert Lewis, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, and Lee Strasberg—all original members of The Group Theatre, who were responsible for bringing Stanislavski’s Method to the American Theatre.  American Method Actor Training calls for an honesty and authenticity that transcends language and cultural differences and cuts to the very heart of the work for the actor: honest human relationships.

    Led by highly regarded American Directors and Acting Teachers, Nyalls Hartman and Harry Waters Jr., the unique course will feature two approaches taught in parallel sessions each day. The 4-week intensive will have students training in the studio 6 hours a day, 5 days a weekand will culminate in two sets of final scenes.  Classes begin July 16 and run through August 10, 2018.  Space is limited.

    Beide gehören zu den erlesensten Theaterregisseuren in den Vereinigten Staaten und haben mit unserem Schulleiter , Lou Binder im Sommer 2017 zusammengearbeitet, wodurch diese wunderbare Möglichkeit für die Teilnehmer entstand.



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